Meet Rebecca from CrossFit Terre Sainte...

Name: Rebecca Bar-Tur
Where you're from: New York City
Where you work: CrossFit Terre Sainte, Mies
Why you took over CrossFit Terre Sainte in Sept 2015: I took it over after being a member of the gym for roughly 2 years.  Late last summer, the previous owner learned she was relocating back to the States and needed to sell the business. There were outside parties interested in the gym, but she wanted to keep CFTS within the community if possible. I wanted the same thing. CFTS is a terrific CrossFit gym with a thriving community of interesting, supportive and caring people. It's unlike any gym I’ve ever belonged to and I wanted to protect that and help take it to the next level.  Our members are like family. Our members are from all over the world, including Switzerland, and they are all passionate about the sport of CrossFit. Within these walls, I see people make positive changes to their lives every day and members helping members to accomplish their goals. It’s nothing short of magic.
What is CrossFit all about? CrossFit is an inclusive sport for any individual wanting to improve his / her strength, mobility, flexibility, cardio conditioning, nutrition and overall health and well-being.  At its core, it's about constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.    
Who's Crossfit for?  Simply put, CrossFit is for everyone.  It's just as appropriate for my 72-year old father-in-law as it is for an olympic athlete or even a 10-year old child who dreams of becoming a doctor one day. The workouts are done in small group classes with certified coaches – it is similar to personal training within a small group.  Everyday, our workouts change so we are constantly challenging our bodies in different ways.  Our Workout of the Day, WOD for short, are not published ahead of time.  If you are like most, you will discover “the WOD” when you walk into the main gym each day.  Head Coach and co-owner, Julien Grivel, writes the core WOD programming and layers it so that all workouts can be done by everyone in the class, regardless of skill or fitness level. The class coaches will work with you to show you how to scale the workout specifically for you by lowering the skill level of any given exercise in such a way that the intended stimulus will still be trained. In this way, we help you get a good workout today while improving your strength and stamina in the future. The WODS are challenging, but fun and results driven.  We’re focused on improving your fitness level in a safe and friendly environment. 
What results can you expect to achieve over X amount of time?  I hate to answer this question because I think people see results immediately.  It is a different way of working out and we challenge everyone from their very first workout. Bodies often respond by initially being sore, but then they recover and become stronger. What I think is most important is this: anyone belongs here at CFTS. Your fellow members are all people with jobs that were all where you are now. You will get in the best shape of your life here. You just keep showing up and walking in that door regardless of what you think you can and cannot do.  We’ll take care of the rest
What are your aims / goals for CrossFit Terre Sainte? My team and I want CrossFit Terre Sainte to become the wellness destination of choice in our region.  CrossFit is a critical and core component of who we are, but we want to expand beyond CrossFit into an holistic approach to overall wellness.  To that end, we are opening a Yoga and Pilates studio later this month.  We are also introducing massages, reflexology, formal nutrition and life coaching as well as a small spa with beauty services.  In a nutshell, when you walk through our doors, you will be investing an hour or two (or more) in yourself and your well-being. Our expansion initiative also includes some retail – because everyone benefits from retail therapy every now and again, right?! That’s why we're so excited to announce Lorna Jane as a core athletic apparel partner. Our members depend upon quality athletic wear and Lorna Jane represents the level of quality, uniqueness and fun that our members crave. We are super excited about this new relationship!  
Have you any personal fitness achievements and aims? Absolutely. In terms of achievements, I can point to lots of running races and marathons / half marathons; biking several 14,000 foot summits and getting back into shape after 3 pregnancies (2 of which were spent on bedrest). But somedays, just getting to the gym is an achievement and should be treated as such… In terms of aims, I have some CrossFit goals for this year (including conquering my fear of Handstand push-ups) and I also am training to climb several peaks in the region, including the Matterhorn this summer.    
Why do you love sport? I love sport because it makes my body stronger, more flexible, more coordinated and it puts my brain at ease.  A challenging workout is like meditation to me – it brings mindfulness into my life and I am grateful everyday that I get to do something physically challenging.  And to be fair, much of my social network revolves around sport.  It's where you meet people who appreciate the challenges of physical activity and who inspire you, who lend motivation to help you get through difficult days and who most genuinely celebrate the days when you achieve something you’ve worked hard to accomplish.
And finally, why do you love Lorna Jane?! I am relatively new to the Lorna Jane brand, but I have most definitely fallen in love. I wear workout gear at least 6 days a week – pretty much all day long now that I own a gym! So to say I live in this stuff is a fair statement. Therefore, it 100% has to be comfortable, well-fitting and high-quality.  Lorna Jane is all of that and more. It has style and personality. It’s fun. It’s flattering.  When I open my closet each morning I instinctively reach for my Lorna Jane gear. In fact, the other brands are being relegated to the back of the closet these days and I just placed another Lorna Jane order because I just don’t have enough!
Want to find out more? Check out and feel free to drop-in or make an appointment to check out CFTS for yourself.