Our Brand Ambassadors

Unsurprisingly, we love our FeelGood brands and products (and have even been known to get a little evangelical about them on occasion). However, we don't expect you to just take our word for it. That's why we have a group of FeelGood Brand Ambassadors who are women involved in the sporting world who have tried, tested and also fallen in love with our brands.

Here's who they are, what they do and what they say: 


Vendula, our original brand ambassador, is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor based in the Alive Center in Vevey - and is almost as evangelical about Lorna Jane sportswear as we are! A ball of energy who never stops, she’s a great advocate for sport being the best medicine for the mind, body and soul.


Johdi is a London & Geneva certified Pilates instructor who runs pilates workshops and private sessions in Gland, Switzerland.

With small classes which are specifically designed for participants’ needs, no matter your fitness levels or individual requirements (pre or post pregnancy, injury recovery or simply general fitness) you’re always sure to benefit from her careful and intelligent tuition to increase suppleness and gain strength without pain or discomfort.

And what's more, if you can't make it to her studio, she'll happily come to your home or office! 



Otherwise known as Stefanie Jung, Wholesome Stef is a Swiss-based blogger, instagrammer and general fanatic about all things health and fitness related. Through her dialogues, she aims is to use her knowledge and own personal experiences to inspire women to embrace a healthier, fitter and more wholesome lifestyle.


One Step More is a fantastic platform for all sports, wellness and nutrition enthusiasts and professionals, connecting potential clients with experts to help them achieve their goals. 

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily motivational tips, exercises and challenges or contact Marion directly for any specific questions.  


Marina is a very enthusiastic and accomplished PoleFitness, Power-Workout, Bootcamp, Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer, who's based in Cham and Thusis Graubünden. 

She teaches at all levels from the amateur to the super experienced and believes that with motivation, inspiration, love, knowledge and support you can reach whatever goal you're dream of!  



Nathalie and her coaches at iMove are big believers in exercise being dynamic, varied and personal to keep you motivated - and get great results.

Whether you're looking for bootcamps, personal training or want to give TRX Suspension Training a try - and you're in the Suisse Romande - then you need look no further.